Ajax & GWT: An Introduction & Tutorial

These tutorials are out of date! Up-to-date tutorials on JavaScript, jQuery, and jQuery UI can be found here, but the other topics have not been updated in several years. They are left online for those who want some information on the other topics, but please be aware that they are behind the times.

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These tutorials are derived from Marty Hall's world-renowned live Ajax and J2EE training courses. It is intended as a fast introduction to the basics of Ajax for people that already know how to write the server-side part of the process using servlets and JSP. In particular, although this tutorial provides the code for all of the servlets and JSP pages used, it does not explain the server-side code in depth or discuss how to deploy it. For detailed tutorials on writing server-side Java applications and explanations on how to deploy them on Tomcat, please see these Java EE tutorials.

The Ajax and GWT training courses on which this tutorial is based are usually taught on-site at customer locations, but training courses at public venues are periodically scheduled for people with too few developers for an onsite course. For descriptions of the various other courses that are available, please see the J2EE training course page. To inquire about a customized training course at your location, please contact Marty at hall@coreservlets.com.

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Major Tutorial Sections

Source Code

Source code for the examples in the tutorial are linked to each section. They can be also be downloaded separately from the Ajax sample code repository.

Live Training Courses Taught by Marty Hall

PowerPoint Files for University Faculty

The PDF files in this tutorial contain the complete text of the original PowerPoint files, so if your goal is learning Ajax, just stick with this tutorial. However, as a service to instructors teaching full-semester courses at accredited universities, coreservlets.com will release the original PowerPoint files for free. Please see the instructor materials page for details.

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