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Free J2EE Instructor Materials:
Android, JSF 2, PrimeFaces, Servlets, JSP, Ajax, GWT, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Struts, & Java

Usage Rules

Slides and exercises from Marty Hall's world-renowned live training courses are now available online. The materials on are straight from Marty's live courses, and have been tested by Marty in live courses in the US, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, Japan, Cambodia, Mexico, India, and the Philippines. See the training materials home page for the various topics that are available (JSF 2, Ajax, jQuery, Android programming, general Java programming, Spring, Hibernate, RESTful Web Services, GWT, HTML5, etc). Note: most of the slides are in English, but versions of the servlet/JSP materials in Chinese (simplified script) and Japanese are also available.

The PDF versions of the slides are freely available to anyone for personal use. These versions contain the complete text of the PowerPoint slides, and are what you want if your goal is to learn or review the technology. In most cases, the complete source code from the lectures (and exercises!) is also available for free download. No password is needed for any of those, so please do not email me if your goal is to learn the technology yourself.

As a courtesy, also makes the original PowerPoint slides available to faculty teaching courses that do not compete with Marty's live courses. These PowerPoint versions are only useful for instructors who want to customize the slides and project them to an audience, and are not needed by anyone who merely wants to learn the technology: the PDF files and source code are enough for that, and no password is needed for those. To avoid competition with Marty's live courses, the PowerPoint versions of the slides are freely available only to instructors of classes that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Are for accredited, degree-granting institutions, not private training companies.
  • Are semester-long courses, not short/mini courses.
  • Are instructor-led classroom courses, not online or electronic courses.

To request the password for the PowerPoint slides, send email from a .edu address to Please include the URL of your course or department Web site, the course number and title, and specific acknowledgement that you fulfill the above criteria. After getting the password, you can access the slides here.

To arrange a live training course at your organization on any of these topics (Android, JSF 2, Java 6 programming, servlets, JSP, Ajax, jQuery, GWT, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, etc.), again contact These courses can be customized to use any combination of the materials, and new materials can be added for specific client needs. To learn more details about the instructor, the curriculum for the live training courses, or the public course schedule, please see

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