Rich Internet Applications with Ajax, jQuery, and Java

19-22 October 2010, Oslo, Norway

“Wonderful. In 20 years, this is the best organized, most pragmatic and enjoyable course I've taken.”

“The best instructor-led course I have attended, by far.”

“Best short course ever!”

“Compared to the other short courses I have taken, this one completely redefined my scale from 1-10.”

“In my 35+ years of taking technical courses, Marty's classes consistently come out ranking #1 on my list. Highly relevant material is delivered with enthusiasm, humor, and a high degree of class interaction that is unmatched anywhere.”

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Visit Oslo Norway This page describes the public (open enrollment) training course on Ajax to be held October 19 through October 22 at Bouvet ASA in Oslo, Norway. The entire course is personally developed and taught by leading American developer, speaker, and author Marty Hall. No contract instructor regurgitating someone else's materials! Marty has taught Ajax, GWT, Java EE technology courses onsite for dozens of organizations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Puerto Rico, India, and the Philippines, all to rave reviews.

If you are looking for customized Ajax, GWT, JSF 2.0, or Java EE training courses taught on-site at your company, please see this page.

Register Early! The four-day course is developed and taught by Marty Hall, costs NOK 21.500 per student, and includes an extensive course notebook, a commercial Ajax textbook, coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch. Compare this price to courses from other vendors that cost more more for courses without textbooks or meals. Besides, those courses almost always use an unknown instructor who did not develop the course materials and often lacks significant real-world development experience. Five of Marty's previous public short courses were full, so reserve your spot today. To register, please email or phone Bouvet ASA at +47 23 40 60 50. Registrations are taken in the order they are received.


"Ajax" designates the set of techniques that enable Web applications to asynchronously update small portions of the pages based on server-side data. First popularized by Google, these techniques are now being widely applied in Web applications, and increase the performance, flexibility, richness, and interactivity of Web sites and Web-based applications. However, Ajax programming is complex and poorly understood. This course gives a practical, hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of Ajax development. It covers foundational topics like JavaScript programming, core Ajax approaches, XML and JSON data handling, and Ajax development and debugging tools. It also covers more advanced topics like automatic JSON generation, JSON-RPC, and Ajax/JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Prototype, and Scriptaculous. In each section, it gives details on the most important topics, surveys more advanced or lesser-used topics, stresses best practices, and gives plenty of working examples. Each section is followed by a series of hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts. There are a choice of exercises of varying complexity so as to accommodate developers with various levels of expertise and previous experience.

Marty normally runs on-site Ajax, GWT, JSF 2.0, and Java EE training courses at customer locations. This is easier administratively, is better for clients since the topics and schedule can be customized, and is more cost effective for students since no travel is required. However, due to demand from organizations in Scandinavia, Marty will be running a public (open enrollment) Ajax and jQuery training course 19-22 October in Oslo, Norway.

The course is developed and taught by Marty Hall, an experienced developer, award-winning instructor, popular conference speaker (5 times at JavaOne), and author of several bestselling Java EE books.


Bouvet ASA Logo The course will be held at Bouvet ASA in Oslo, Norway. This is a modern, comfortable venue with separate computers for each student, fast internet connections, and with coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch included. Class meets from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm daily. The location is conveniently located 15 minutes from the Oslo city centre and has many nearby hotels.


The course consists of an approximately equal mixture of lecture and hands-on lab time and assumes that all students have moderate-to-strong Java skills and at least a little bit of experience with Web apps in Java (servlets and/or JSP). The course does not assume any previous exposure to Ajax, nor does it presume JavaScript knowledge.

More Information

  • Want details on the topics? See the detailed curriculum below.
  • Have questions on the topics even after reading that? Email the instructor at
  • Want information on the instructor? See this brief bio.
  • Registration questions? Email the registrar at or phone Bouvet ASA at +47 23 40 60 50.

  • Guinea pigs? No! Marty's courses are well-tested, having been taught in 7 countries and dozens of US venues. We don't use your developers as guinea pigs for new materials.
  • Regurgitation? No! Marty developed all his own materials. No contract instructor regurgitating memorized PowerPoint slides.
  • Green? No! Marty is an experienced developer, and is the author of 6 popular Java EE texts from Prentice Hall. The course gives best practices and real-world strategies. No newbie instructor dodging tough questions.


Please note that we are working with some of the attendees to finalize the topics, and there may still be some minor changes to this curriculum. There will be three or four topics per day, presented in lecture/lab format, with the time about evenly split between the lectures and the hands-on exercises. The topics are grouped below in general categories, not in chronological order. Also, please note the prerequisites above, where students are assumed to already have moderate-to-strong Java skills and preferably some experience with servlets and/or JSP.


  • Installing and running Web applications, JSP scripting,
    manipulating HTTP headers, the MVC architecture

Foundational Topics

  • Ajax Basics: Part I
  • Ajax Development and Debugging Tools
  • Ajax Basics: Part II
  • Crash course on JavaScript: Part I
  • Crash course on JavaScript: Part II

JavaScript/Ajax Toolkits

  • jQuery (4 lectures)
  • Prototype (3 lectures)
  • Scriptaculous (2 lectures)

Data-Centric Ajax
(Some of these topics will also use jQuery.)

  • Handling XML
  • Handling JSON
  • Handling variable-length Ajax data with JSTL
  • JSON generation libraries