Spring and Hibernate/JPA Instructors

The courses on the Spring framework and Hibernate/JPA are taught by experts that use these technologies in their daily work. All courses are edited and reviewed by Marty.

Matt Cherry

Matt has been in the technology arena for over 10 years, spending the majority of that time developing Enterprise Java applications. He has supported varying areas of industry, from working to develop marketable software products in the private sector, to providing services as a professional consultant in the public sector.

On the private side, Matt developed a strong software process discipline while working for Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric and Oracle Corporation. For a more agile approach, Matt spent a tour of duty at a dot com, where bleeding edge technologies and techniques were frequently embraced. In the public sector, Matt has consulted to multiple government agencies, particularly surrounding the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Working in these diverse environments has enabled Matt to relate to most organizational situations and understand the benefits and shortcomings of each. While he appreciates and prefers a structured process-oriented approach, he also understands the need for agility and flexibility that are required in certain situations.

In addition to his professional work, Matt keeps a hand in academia. After receiving his Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, he returned to his alma mater as an adjunct professor in the Computer Science program. He currently teaches Enterprise Design and Implementation to senior Masters-degree candidates.

Through coreservlets.com, Matt offers professional courses in Java Enterprise Computing, including Spring, Hibernate, Enterprise Java Beans, and Web Services (both SOAP and REST). Each of these courses, as well as his Johns Hopkins courses, are developed, written, and delivered by Matt personally.

Though he considers his core competency to be Java, during his tenure at Oracle he became an Oracle certified DBA – passing several exams to obtain his Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification. This gives Matt a unique perspective when it comes to bridging the gap between middleware software, persistence technologies, and database design and capabilities.

Currently a full time Senior Software Engineer at Integrated Computer Concepts Inc. (ICCI), he spends his days (and sometimes nights) leading development teams and designing scalable solutions as a consultant. Matt has led several development efforts leveraging various technologies and frameworks, mentoring team members, and taking applications across their entire lifecycle from Requirements to Production. He enjoys teaching, and particularly the discussions that arise from the interaction with his students. He feels it is not enough just to know how to use a technology, but also to understand how it is really benefiting your effort.

Matt can be reached at mattcherry@coreservlets.com.

Kyong Park

Kyong Park is a senior architect and software developer and has been using Spring and Hibernate as key technologies for production systems since 2004. He had led the development and delivery of a broad range of large distributed systems for numerous Federal government agencies and Fortune 500 customers using Enterprise Java technologies. Currently, Kyong is leading and mentoring development teams on agile development methodologies, enterprise architecture, and Java-based frameworks. Kyong can be reached at kyongpark@coreservlets.com.